CLS Flat Top Bar

High-spec 6061 aluminum formed with carefully varied wall thicknesses for reduced weight and maximum strength.

US$ 32.74

ITEM: ATB-281DB6-8
  • Triple-butting reduces mass by thinning the tube walls where extra material would just be dead weight and retaining strength where it’s needed.
  • Dropping the strong central bulge relative to the bar’s centreline creates a smooth, flat topped bar.
  • Flat top allows precise mounting of lights and accessories.
  • Available in XC-friendly 700mm and trail-wide 760mm options.
  • 6061 aluminum is corrosion resistant and very strong for its weight – that’s why it’s also used in bridges, ships and helicopters…
  • 9º backsweep allows meaningful angle adjustment by rolling the bar in the clamp.
  • Fits 31.8mm stems.
  • Clamp alignment markings for perfect setup.
  • Anodised for a tough, long-lasting finish.
  • Made For:Trail and cross-country
  • Material:6061 aluminum
  • Width:700/760mm
  • Rise:0mm
  • Backsweep:9º
  • Clamp Diameter:31.8mm
  • Weight:268g (700mm option)
  • Color:Red/Gray