It’s easy to make a simple product look simple – but it takes genius to make a complex one elegant. That’s where Controltech excels. Components such as handlebars, seatposts and even wheels may look simple, but if you want high performance, you inevitably introduce a great deal of complexity under the skin and behind the scenes.

At Controltech, we break that down to four key elements. First, there’s the ideas stage, but even our Research & Development is inextricably linked with a hard understanding of materials and manufacturing. Our innovation and engineering overlaps real-world riding with pure science and good engineering – it’s the only way to work out not just what’s possible, but what’s desirable.

Next, we look at aerodynamics, using a mix of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and real-world performance testing. It’s a vital area for road and especially triathlon products, and our longstanding expertise in carbon fiber and high-precision alloy milling mean Controltech’s use of shaping is second to none.

We never restrict ourselves to one material, even within a single component. Each part of every piece is carefully specified for its particular properties: the strength of steel, the low density of aluminum, the exotic hardness of titanium, or just about any aspect of the many different types of carbon our experts work with. With Controltech’s hard-won knowledge, carbon can be optimized in any number of areas, styles and directions at once.

Last – and least, in one very specific sense – is weight. Low weight is vital, yet when you put this much effort into the first three areas, it almost takes care of itself. Careful design, the correct choice and sourcing of materials and beautifully minimalistic shaping combine with advanced manufacturing techniques – such as multiple tube wall thicknesses, intense CNC machining and complex one-piece moulding – to create very low weights without structural compromise. Controltech builds strong, it builds light, and it builds advanced.