Aerodynamic road bikes with Integration are prevalent out there in which the integrated handlebar has no cylindrical bar bore for Clip-On Aero Bars. Controltech is the believer of ITU regulation in which road bike should always us mini Aerobar instead of long extension bar

US$ 149

  • A set of light, aerodynamic compact aerobars.
  • The Falcon TT Bar is made from AL6061 with excellent stiffness and cost-effectiveness.
  • Ergonomic and anatomical design to suit every rider for a natural riding position without sacrificing aerodynamics.
  • Comfortable arms pad.
  • Bridge connects extensions for increased hand comfort.
  • Stem-Mounted: 2 types of clamp. 1 for round stem body and another clamp square stem body. 
    • Only compatible to Controltech stem
  • Weight 478g(With Square type).
  • Weight 464g(With Round type).
  • Material:AL6061
  • Length Max:190mm
  • Length Mini:160mm
  • Armrest's R/L Adjustable:R/30mm, L/30mm
  • Stem Mounted:round stem body, square stem body.
  • Weight:478g(With Square type), 464g(With Round type)