Time Zone Tri Aerobar

Optimized aerodynamics verified by CFD (Computing Fluid Dynamics) for the minimum drag at different YAW Angle and born for Triathlon with excellent adjustability in terms of Angle, Height, Extension width, Base Bar.

US$ 832.65

  • The Extension center to center width has 2 options (C-C 90mm and C-C 178mm) by switching the right and left extension clamp.
  • Optional 20mm, 40mm and 60mm spacer kit for height adjustability, 60mm stack height needs the additional span to secure the setup.
  • Flip-Flip Base bare design allows 40mm height difference.
  • Extension angle adjustability: Vertical : ±10°, Horizontal : ±5°

  • Elbow Pad adjustability: Horizontal Angle : ±5°, 6 different position setup.

  • Weight: 690g (minimum stack).


  • Material:UD Carbon
  • Width:400mm
  • Length:Max: 300mm(C to Top), Min: 240mm
  • Extension Bar:J Bar, R/L Angle: 10°
  • Armrests R/L Adjustable:R/30mm, L/30mm
  • Armrests F/B Adjustable:F/50mm, B/50mm
  • Armrest's +/- Adjustble Angle:10° (+/-5°)
  • Option Spacers:20mm/40mm/60mm
  • Weight:690g
  • Color:Red/Gray