Sep 02, 2017

Scott Sun, CEO, On His Vision For The Future of Controltech

In 2017, a new leader and rebrand paves the way for Controltech’s ambitions as world-leaders in bicycle components. Here, the US company’s new CEO Scott Sun talks about Controltech’s success and vision for the future.

“With almost three decades of success, and a brand new look in 2017 to move us forward, It’s an exciting time here at Controltech. In the 28 years since our first product launch, we’ve become pioneers in the development of bicycle components. It’s the Controltech vision – and tireless innovation, that has enabled our expansion from a single product to the critically-acclaimed range of components, to accommodate every kind of cyclist, that we offer today.

“Since 1989, we’ve gained an increasingly solid reputation for crafting market-leading products that truly deliver. This is thanks to our commitment to working with only the best engineers, our constant iteration and refining process, and the use of aerospace-quality materials that are built to last – for a very long time. But, there’s another key ingredient to our success. In addition to world-class technical expertise and cutting-edge technology, we believe that passion is critical.

“I want the Controltech team to be very passionate about cycling; it’s the only foundation from which you can create the very best components – made for cycling. Everyone can learn how to use 3D software, but it’s totally irrelevant to design the best components if you don’t understand cycling itself – it’s this combination of expertise and passion that sets us apart.

“Everyone can learn how to use 3D software, but it’s totally irrelevant to design the best components if you don’t understand cycling itself”

“Success here at Controltech isn’t just about manufacturing great components; it’s a philosophy that starts with the individual rider. This understanding of cycling itself is at the heart of everything we do; combined with our innovation and engineering, it’s a pretty unbeatable combination.

“Just like many of the cyclists who ride with our components, we never stop searching for something better. In 2019, Controltech will turn 30; so when I joined the company in January this year, it was the perfect time to perform a strategic review and refresh our identity.

“We undertook full research and analysis with the media and opinion-formers in many countries – and across many cycling disciplines. Six months later, we proudly unveiled the results at Eurobike 2017; where we announced our brand new logo and website – a totally new look to reflect our ambition, and our place in the market as a US company.

“We never stop searching for better performance”

“As we move forward, we’re investing heavily in new technology, tooling and Controltech personnel; recruiting more senior industrial designers and engineers to realize our vision. Aesthetically, we’re working closely with Italian designers to ensure our products not only perform, but look great too.

“Next year, we’re expanding our range. 2018 will see 20 new components, and in 2019, we’ll be releasing even more innovative new products, including four-point offset seatposts and gravel bars.

“It’s an exciting time to be at Controltech – with the new investment in our brand, people and technology, we are truly paving the way for success, to become the global leader in bicycle components.”