UCI Pro Continental

Delko Marseille Provence KTM (DMP – FRA)

Controltech is proud to sponsor Team Delko Marseille Provence KTM , an exciting UCI Pro Continental team based in France started from 1974 by Serge Bolley.

Heading into 2018, Team Delko Marseille Provence KTM season will  race in more than 50 races in different countries across five continents and targets the wild card for World Tour races in 2018. We are proud to be a sponsoring partner to  Team Delko Marseille Provence KTM.


UCI Continental

Start Vaxes Cycling Team

Controltech is proud to sponsor the Start-Gusto Cycling Team, an exciting UCI Continental team led by the Argentina pro rider turned Team Principle Mauricio Frazer. It features riders from the South American countries of Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Equador, Mexico and Venezuela joined by the highly talented Eritrean duo of Jonatan Hailu and Elyas Afewerki, and the Belgian Matthias Van Aken.

Heading into 2018, Team Start-Gusto’ ninth season will see the guys racing in more than 20 different countries across four continents. Originally from South America, the team is registered by the UCI Continental America Tour and will operate during the European season from a logistic base in Belgium – Frazer’s ‘second home’.

The original goal of giving young South American cyclists a chance to compete at the highest level – providing a platform for them and gathering international recognition and support for the project – is still a mission that remains at the core of the organisation’s set-up. We are proud to be a sponsoring partner to team Start-Gusto.



Interpro Stradalli Cycling Team

The Nichifutsu Cycling Club (French & Japanese Cycling Club) was created in 2006 thanks to the initiative of a Frenchman, Stephan Forest, and a Canadian, Sébastien Pilotte, with the objective of developing relations between France and Japan. French and Japanese athletes race together under the same jersey, leading a multicultural and unique team in the world. It has grown steadily in the past 10 years, and soon became one of the strongest cycling teams in Japan. The team has been registered in the Japan Pro Tour competition since 2010 and got its best result in 2016, being the best amateur team and the 5th team overall in the country. In 2017, it became an UCI Continental team and are competing in professional races.

Controltech is proud to be the partner of Interpro Stradalli Cycling Team and we foresee the promising outcome in its 2018 racing season.




The cycling public has been able for 5 years already to become convinced that HEAD brand bicycles will conquer the world…

Bicycles are our passion. We strive to incorporate this fact as best as possible into the production and assembly of HEAD bicycles. We have been manufacturing bicycles for 25 years already, and this long-term experience has enabled us to turn dreams into reality when applying new technology and fulfilling the cycling public’s demands. The production of HEAD bicycles is based on quality which is guaranteed by manual assembly of bicycles. This is very important for us because we always put quality first.

Controltech is proud to be the partner of Head UCI Bike Team and we foresee the promising outcome in its 2018 racing season.