Jul 28, 2018

Whyte targets gravel bikes with Controltech as partner in innovation

At Controltech, we believe passion and innovation are components as vital as any of those we create – which is why we’re delighted to announce our partnership with Whyte, the English cycle brand synonymous with clear-eyed engineering and cutting-edge design.

Established in 1999, Whyte has long been at the forefront of rejuvenating mountain bike geometry and design. In the years since, their product range has spread and the firm has diversified into both road and gravel bikes, applying the same sound engineering principles along the way. The results have been typically radical. And with such radical changes to frame shape and layout comes the need for new, rethought componentry – which is what makes our partnership such a great fit.

Whyte joins a growing portfolio of Controltech partners that includes Bianchi, Merida and Boardman.

For 2018, Whyte is seriously pushing the envelope in the growing sector of gravel and adventure bikes. The company’s new Gisburn and Friston models – for which Controltech provides handlebars, stems and a clever, integrated cable routing system – feature a host of fresh takes on traditional road bike thinking.

With dedicated 1x11 transmissions, slack geometry, long frames and short stems, Whyte’s gravel bikes are truly blurring the lines between road and off-road. Large through-axles, hydraulic disc brakes and wide, tubeless-ready wheel rims borrow further from mountain bike technology. Controltech has partnered with Whyte to create the uniquely wide – 500mm – drop handlebar necessary to complete the design.

Controltech is to supply componentry for existing models in various specifications, and continues to work with Whyte on exciting new projects that will push things forward for all concerned. Having agreed the collaboration behind closed doors following the 2017 Taichung Bike Week, the two companies have several ventures already in the pipeline.

Scott Sun, Controltech’s CEO says, “Controltech and Whyte share similar characteristics – namely agility, efficiency and flexibility. That’s the key for this relationship, but the bottom line is the proactiveness to innovate from both parties.”

It’s also clear that gravel and adventure bikes are one of the fastest-developing, most exciting new sectors in cycling,” Scott Sun continues. “It’s an area with huge scope for new and original products.”